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Ultra-precise, AI-based marine forecasts for weather routing solutions to achieve greater performance towards a greener, safer and more cost-efficient maritime

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The problem

Maritime transportation accounts for almost 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, projected to double in under 30 years. The IMO aims to reduce these emissions by 70% by 2050. Weather routing, a solution to cut fuel consumption and emissions, has only achieved 3-10% savings due to imprecise weather forecasts.


The need

Despite the extensive research that has been devoted during the last 50 years or so, today it is evident that traditional numerical forecast models have reached an accuracy/ resolution capacity mainly due to the chaotic character of the modeled physical processes and the extensive computational needs.


Our solution

AlongRoute is focused on developing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) models that leverage high-quality historical data to effectively learn and comprehend the intricacies of ocean physics. By harnessing this knowledge, AlongRoute provides highly accurate forecasts of crucial ocean parameters, thereby bolstering the efficacy of ship routing systems.

Accurate marine data

At the moment we are offering high-resolution, one-hourly forecasts of wave, wind and current parameters for the Mediterranean Sea on a 4x4km grid. Very soon we are planning to scale up serving the global oceans. Stay tuned!

Surface waves

Current velocity
Current direction
Surface wave mean period


Wind velocity
Wind direction

Surface currents

Current velocity
Current direction

Our pricing is estimated on the basis of each customer’s needs. For more information get in touch.

Our pricing is estimated on the basis of each customer’s needs. For more information get in touch.

Our Journey

The AlongRoute team was formed and submitted their proposal to the DigiCirc Blue Economy Accelerator Programme.

AlongRoute was selected to be 1/15 teams to participate in the 12 weeks-long Accelerator Programme (Phases 1 & 2).

AlongRoute was 1/5 winning consortia to be supported with 100K to go to market (Phase 3).

Development and validation of our fully operational MVP for the Mediterranean Sea.

Spire signed a dedicated NDA with us to start a trial using our data.

Establishment of AlongRoute Data PC in Greece and successful finalization of DigiCirc Blue Economy Accelerator Phase 3.

Europe Enterprise Network and DigiCirc supported AlongRoute to participate as an EU Ambassador and Impact/ ALPHA startup at the Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon!

AlongRoute Data PC is growing fast towards scaling up to the global oceans.

AlongRoute became a member of Elevate Greece!

AlongRoute had tea with the UK Ambassador in Athens at the pitching event for only a few selected startups, at the Ambassador’s Residence.

AlongRoute presented at ScienceDiver Career Days in Thessaloniki.

AlongRoute won the first place of the WMF International Roadshow which gave us a VIP access to the WMF2023 in Rimini.

AlongRoute was interviewed by magazine.

AlongRoute was presented at the EEN’s blog under their article “Supporting tech innovation for a sustainable future”.

AlongRoute was selected to pitch at the Final Event (competition) of the DigiCirc Accelerator in March.

AlongRoute is now part of Microsoft Startups Hub.

AlongRoute supported and presented at the 3rd Digital Modern Shipping conference.

AlongRoute has been selected for the second cycle of BlueInvest Readiness Assistance.

AlongRoute is one of the eight finalists for the GSW MIT Competition 2023.

AlongRoute was the 2nd place winner of the DigiCirc pitch competition (Final Event).

AlongRoute was selected by ESA BIC Greece as one of the eight Beneficiaries to be supported with a grant.

AlongRoute Data was featured in The Recursive and in

AlongRoute Data have been chosen to participate at the MENA Maritime Accelerator 2023 and at the OVH cloud Startup Program.

AlongRoute was interviewed by kathimerini.

AlongRoute was selected to pitch at the prestigious EBAN – European Business Angel Network annual Congress in Thessaloniki, taking place from May 24th to 26th, 2023.

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Exciting News! AlongRoute was honored with the highest level award at The Hellenic Initiative’s Venture Impact Awards!

We are thrilled to be acknowledged for our impactful contribution in fostering a cleaner and more sustainable planet. Grateful...

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AlongRoute in the finals of the GreenTech Challenge, December 2023

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AlongRoute Highlights Success at Enterprise Europe Network Hellas Special Event in Athens, November 2023

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Meet the Team

Dr. Georgia Kalantzi
Oceanographer PhD Co-founder | CEO | CMO
Mr. Eduardo Pena Vina
MSc Co-founder | CTO | CIO

Mr. Stergios Diamantopoulos
Environmentalist MSc

Business Development Manager

Mrs. Apostolia Papadoudi
Environmentalist MSc

Product Manager

OMIKRON Environmental Consultants SA
Greek SME

Administration/ HR, resources, network and support

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