About AlongRoute Company


AlongRoute Data P.C. is a Greek start-up company, established in 2022. Its headquarters are located in Thermi, Thessaloniki in Greece at the 15 km of the Thessaloniki – Moudania Nat. Rd.. The company’s Business Registration Number (GEMI) is 166220704000.

The company’s Legal Representative is its General Manager, namely Dr. Georgia Kalantzi.

The company’s shareholder contribution scheme is the following:

  • Eduardo Pena Vina, Engineer, MSc – 40%
  • Georgia Kalantzi, Oceanographer, PhD – 20%
  • Stergios Diamantopoulos, Environmentalist/ Forester – 13,5%
  • OMIKRON Environmental Consultants SA – 10%
  • Konstantinos Karystinakis, Geographer MSc, PMP, PBA – 9%
  • Apostolia Papadoudi, Environmentalist/ Forester, MSc – 7,5%

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