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Ultra-precise, AI-based marine forecasts for weather routing solutions to achieve greater performance towards a greener, safer and more cost-efficient maritime

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The problem

Maritime transportation is responsible for almost 3% of global GHG with a projection to double in less than 30 years. In parallel, IMO is demanding these emissions to drop 70% by 2050. There are various solutions that aim to reduce maritime fuel consumption/ emissions. Among those, today’s weather routing has only managed to save 3 to 10% of those emissions mainly because their input weather forecasts are not precise enough.


The need

Despite the extensive research that has been devoted during the last 50 years or so, today it is evident that traditional numerical forecast models have reached an accuracy/ resolution capacity mainly due to the chaotic character of the modeled physical processes and the extensive computational needs.


Our solution

We revolutionize the way marine forecasts are produced with the development and use of new, ground-breaking AI models which can overcome these physics barriers by “learning” how physics work. Thus we are able to produce highly precise marine weather forecasts in fine spatial resolutions via an extremely efficient computational process. With our data, current weather routing solutions can perform up to 130% better than today which could save up to 3 million MT of cargo ship emissions in only one year.

Acting for the climate knot by knot

Only one year of AlongRoute market uptake can lead to 1% reduction of energy costs across the global cargo fleet, which is like 8M trees grown over 10 years.

There is no other choice

Our innovative API serves seamless integration to any maritime technology system and offers our forecasts along operational vessel routes in contrast to unnecessarily complex spatial domains.

Maritime technology companies

Ship-owners, operators, charterers

Accurate marine data

At the moment we are offering high-resolution, one-hourly forecasts of wave, wind and current parameters for the Mediterranean Sea on a 4x4km grid. Very soon we are planning to scale up serving the global oceans. Stay tuned!

Surface waves

Current velocity
Current direction
Surface wave mean period


Wind velocity
Wind direction

Surface currents

Current velocity
Current direction

Our pricing is estimated on the basis of each customer’s needs. For more information get in touch.

Our pricing is estimated on the basis of each customer’s needs. For more information get in touch.

Our Journey

The AlongRoute team was formed and submitted their proposal to the DigiCirc Blue Economy Accelerator Programme.

AlongRoute was selected to be 1/15 teams to participate in the 12 weeks-long Accelerator Programme (Phases 1 & 2).

AlongRoute was 1/5 winning consortia to be supported with 100K to go to market (Phase 3).

Development and validation of our fully operational MVP for the Mediterranean Sea

Spire signed a dedicated NDA with us to start a trial using our data

Establishment of AlongRoute Data PC in Greece and successful finalization of DigiCirc Blue Economy Accelerator Phase 3

Europe Enterprise Network and DigiCirc supported AlongRoute to participate as an EU Ambassador and Impact/ ALPHA startup at the Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon!

AlongRoute Data PC is growing fast towards scaling up to the global oceans.

AlongRoute became a member of Elevate Greece!

AlongRoute had tea with the UK Ambassador in Athens at the pitching event for only a few selected startups, at the Ambassador’s Residence.

AlongRoute presented at ScienceDiver Career Days in Thessaloniki.

AlongRoute won the first place of the WMF International Roadshow which gave us a VIP access to the #WMF2023 in Rimini.

AlongRoute is now a part of #Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub!

Proud parent companies


Blue Economy DemoDay Winner!

AlongRoute is proud to Partner with Microsoft

Meet the Team

Dr. Georgia Kalantzi
Oceanographer PhD Co-founder | CEO | CMO
Mr. Eduardo Pena Vina
MSc Co-founder | CTO | CIO
Mr. Konstantinos Karystinakis
Geographer MSc, PMP Co-founder | CFO | COO

Mrs. Theodora  Theodoridou
Urban-Environmetal Planner MSC

Project Manager

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AlongRoute is now part of Microsoft Startups Hub

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